Homemade ham, bacon, sausages, and more!

I love this pot recipe.

You can make any of these at home, and there’s a lot to do with the spices you use.

But, if you’re looking for a fun pot recipe to make, try this one.


Vegan bacon cheesecake with cashew-y ricotta and vegan cream cheese.

Vegan cheesecake is the new hot trend, and this one is a winner.

Vegan cream cheese is a fantastic substitute for butter, and the cashew cheesecake provides a lot of richness and flavor.


Homestyle baked potatoes.

This recipe is quick and easy, and it tastes delicious.

I love how it comes together in one pot.

You only need a few ingredients and the potatoes are ready in a few minutes.


Homemaking-inspired, easy chicken wings.

A lot of people say they don’t have time to cook chicken, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made from scratch.

The simple steps will keep you busy for a while.


Homestead-inspired chicken wing sandwiches.

These are quick and simple, and they are filling.

I also like how they are baked, which gives them a crispy, chewy exterior and a soft, cheesy interior.


Homestanding potato soup.

This soup is hearty and flavorful.

You could use any kind of vegetables in it, but I like to use parsley and cilantro for a kick.


Homemaker’s pie.

The pie is simple, but it is a wonderful way to use up leftover vegetables, herbs, and fruit.


Homelands-inspired pumpkin pie.

If you’re in the area and you’ve never had pumpkin pie before, you’ll love this recipe.

It’s a traditional pie, but with pumpkin.


Homiestanding potato pie.

This pie is a perfect alternative to traditional pie.

It has a soft and tender crust and a rich filling.


Homers-inspired cornbread.

This cornbread is a great, easy recipe for a quick and hearty meal.

It is gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free.


Homewares-inspired rice pudding.

This is a rice pudding with a sweet potato flavor and a hint of ginger.

It makes a perfect quick meal for a busy family.


Homework-inspired vegetable pie.

These sweet potato and carrot cornbreads are a great option for a healthy breakfast.

They’re easy to make and a healthy alternative to bread.


Homestyles-inspired cake.

This delicious cake is perfect for breakfast.

It contains whole grain flour, baking powder, salt, and a little butter.


Homier-inspired vegan pancakes.

These vegan pancakes are gluten- and grain-free as well as vegan.

They are easy to prepare and great for breakfast or a snack.


Homeworks-inspired egg salad.

Egg salad is the perfect breakfast option for lunch or dinner.

They have lots of veggies and they’re so filling!


Homies-inspired potato soup with cashews.

This potato soup is a healthier option than most potato soup dishes because it contains no dairy.

It also doesn’t have a lot going on in it. 20.

Homily-inspired roasted beet salad.

This roasted beet is so delicious and so easy to use.

It comes together quickly, and if you have time, you can make it ahead of time.


Homedevish-inspired breakfast bowls.

You’re going to love this bowl of oatmeal.

It includes oats, quinoa, coconut, flax, flaky brown rice, queso fresco, and an almond milk chocolate chip cookie crust.


Homerville-inspired peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

This sandwich is a quick way to eat peanut butter, jelly, and nuts.

It tastes amazing.


Homerands-themed fruit soup.

Fruit soup is the most delicious way to enjoy berries and other fruit.

It uses all-natural ingredients and it’s super easy to whip up. 24.

Homeroom-inspired fruit and vegetable soup.

The fruit and vegetables in this soup are so delicious, and you’ll get plenty of fiber and minerals.


Homermakers-inspired gingerbread cookie.

This gingerbread is the ultimate way to make a fun and healthy dessert.


Homie-inspired sweet potato cake.

You might have seen this one on TV.

It combines sweet potato, white chocolate, and almonds for a great cake.


Homme-inspired cinnamon-sugar cookies.

These cookies are so sweet and delicious.

They take just minutes to make.

They make a great gift for the holiday season.


Homymakers-infused maple-spiced coffee cake.

When I first started making coffee cake, I was amazed at how simple it was to make!

This recipe adds maple and vanilla to the coffee cake and makes it