When you’re on the hunt for healthy eating tips, avocado tacos are one of the top choices.

They’re made with ingredients that are high in vitamin C and omega-3s, and are packed with protein.

You can find them at your local farmers market, but I’ve made a few favorites for my favorite taco stand in the city: El Toro, in the historic Mission District.

These tacos come from a recipe by my sister, and we’ve shared it with you below.


Make the avocado tacos 2.

Prepare the ingredients for the avocado 3.

Cook the avocado with the spices, beans, and onions in a skillet.


Add the meat to the skillet, and cook for about 5 minutes.


Add some salsa and serve.


Add avocado to the taco sauce, then serve.


Top with your favorite toppings.