This recipe is perfect for those who want to serve fajitas as a snack or for dipping in a salsa or tortilla sauce.

Scallops are often used as a garnish for other dishes.

This scallop fajito recipe is a keeper and one that you can easily make on your next vacation.

It has a delicious taste that you will surely enjoy.

This recipe also comes with some good guacamole and salsa to make the dishes even more tasty.

The chicken faja recipe is easy to prepare and is a great appetizer to eat while traveling.

This fajitta is great for any occasion and is suitable for both men and women.

You can serve it as a side dish or add it to your meal as a meal starter.

It also comes ready in a pan for serving.

The best part about this fajitan recipe is that you don’t need to wash the scallops.

Instead, simply toss them with a bit of salt and pepper.

This will give the chicken favaise a nice and tasty texture.

You can also serve this faja along with some rice, corn, beans, tomatoes or a green salad to add some color and flavor. Enjoy!