This recipe for southern cornmeal is an old favorite from the 1950s and 60s, when I used to make it every Sunday night for a dinner party.

Southern cornmeal can be found in the bulk section of grocery stores, but I also like to make mine in the oven, which can be made in a crockpot, or in a slow cooker.

Make the southern corn dough by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl until the dough becomes sticky.

Add a tablespoon of salt and mix the dough until the ingredients form a ball.

The dough should be sticky when it has doubled in size.

Transfer the dough to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, cover it with foil and let rise for at least 20 minutes, or until doubled in bulk.

While the dough is rising, put the air fryers on high heat and heat them up to 325 degrees.

Once the dough has risen, add the oil and fry the cornbread in batches until golden brown and crisp, about 15 minutes.

Serve hot with a spoonful of butter or margarine.

Recipe Notes If you are making a batch of Southern corn bread, you may want to add in a little extra flour and water to make the bread a bit easier to roll.

I like to add 1/2 cup flour and 1/4 cup water to the mixture when I prepare my Southern corn meal for the oven or slow cooker and then add a little more water as needed to cover the dough.

You can also add a teaspoon of salt to the dough and mix it with a fork to make a fine paste.

If you don’t like a sticky dough, use an electric mixer to combine the flour and salt in batches.

Nutrition Facts Southern Cornbread Recipe Amount Per Serving (1 loaf) Calories 230 Calories from Fat 36 % Daily Value* Total Fat 5g 8% Saturated Fat 2g 10% Cholesterol 30mg 6% Sodium 45mg 2% Potassium 15mg 1% Total Carbohydrates 16g 6% Dietary Fiber 2g 8″ Total Sugars 6g Protein 6g 8* * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.