A former vegetarian and her two children are returning to eating vegan food, despite growing up as Christians and believing in a God of the Bible.

“My family is vegan now, my family has come from all over the world, from Canada, Mexico, Germany,” said Kaitlin Macdonald, owner of The Meathouse in Richmond Hill, Ont.

“We have a lot of Chinese heritage and we had our grandparents who came from China.

It is so strange.

It’s a weird time.”

Kaitlyn, 7, is excited to be back to eating her family’s favourite food, chicken.

“I love the chicken.

We can get it raw,” she said.

“And the potatoes, they taste amazing.”

Kaelan, 7 and Nellie, 4, are also excited to eat more meat, having grown up eating the chicken in the family’s backyard.

“It’s just easier, and it makes it easier to cook because it’s less meat,” said Nellip.

“That’s what I was always thinking about, that’s why I wanted to be a vegetarian,” said Macdonald.

“When you grow up eating meat, it’s a little weird because you are not aware of how much you are eating.”

The owners hope that by going vegan they can “re-enforce the idea that it is OK to eat meat, and maybe even to feel more comfortable eating meat.”

The family has already begun preparing for the return of the meat and chicken, preparing meals such as the steak, sausages and chicken pot pie.

“In the last couple of months, I have gotten a little bit of information from my friends, from the vegan community, about vegan food,” said the family.

“They have some really amazing vegan recipes.

So we will have a little pot pie and some steak.

And then we will probably start cooking a few more of our favourite dishes.”

The new family will soon be coming home to Victoria, Ont., and the rest of the family is coming to town to celebrate the coming of the Christmas season.

“Our favourite holiday, we are going to be spending the holidays with our family and our friends,” said Kelynda Macdonald of the new family.