Italian restaurants across Italy are offering new pasta dishes that are crispy and loaded with cheese, eggs, and spices.

A new pasta dish, known as a tarte tatin, is being introduced to celebrate the Italian holiday of Tuscany, where Italian pasta is traditionally made.

The new dish is called a tanto, which means “little” in Italian, and has a crispy exterior and a softer interior.

Tanto dishes are made with eggplant, eggplant sauce, and cheese, and have been a favorite for Italian restaurants for decades.

In the past, Tanto was made with bread, but in recent years it has been made with chicken, turkey, or fish.

The pasta dishes will be available at restaurants in Italy’s largest cities.

One of the new dishes, called a churro, is topped with egg and cheese and is made with ricotta cheese, ricotta sauce, red onion, and tomato.

Other new dishes will include the bolognese, a pasta dish that is typically topped with ham, ham, and meatballs, and the trattoria, a dish of noodles, tomato, and olive oil.

These dishes have become popular for their crispy exterior, which is a hallmark of Italian food, and are also a favorite of the city’s tourists.

The dishes are popular because they are low-fat and often have lots of cheese and meat, and also because they make great appetizers or main dishes.

The New York Times reported that some restaurants have already launched the new pasta offerings.

The Tanto Tanto is a low-calorie and low-sodium pasta dish with ricotto, eggs and cheese.

Tarte tanto: The crispy exterior of a tanta.

(The New York Time) A new Tanto tanto is now available at several Italian restaurants in Naples, where the restaurant has been serving the dish since 2007.

The menu has been updated since then.