A corned, beef-based poutine is a tasty and comforting dish that’s also a bit light on the calories.

You can make it with any of the meats listed on the ingredients list, but here’s our favorite one: corned and grilled beef poutine with green beans and cauliflower.

The meatballs are filled with poutine sauce and serve on a puffy, buttery roll with gravy.

Corned beef poutas are made with pork or beef in a poutine-style dish, and the beef is marinated and then seared over a charcoal grill.

It’s topped with creamy gravy, green beans, cheese, pickled onions, and a creamy green bean dip.

Ingredients corned (or smoked) beef, beef pumpernickel, red onions, green peppers, potatoes, cabbage, onion, onions, corned or smoked cheese, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, salt and pepper.

Preparation time: 10 minutes.

Cooking time: 15 minutes.

Serving size: 2 ounces.

Recipe submitted by alexandra_sutton_of_chicago.

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