Gumbo is a delicious comfort food for the sweet tooth, but is it a perfect recipe for socialising with friends and family?

Our experts tell us the secret to making the perfect dinner party dish for your favourite family members.


You need to add some colour gumbo can have a yellow or orange colour, depending on the season, and is best served with a drizzle of sugar.


If you’re looking for something a little more “traditional” for a family meal, consider adding in a bit of ginger, garlic, and black pepper to complement the sweet.


Use fresh herbs or fresh fruits as the garnish.


If there are too many guests, then consider adding a couple of sausages and a few prawns.


If the family is coming from the beach, then add a handful of fresh sea scallops to your meal.


The key is to choose a dish that’s hearty and hearty enough to be shared with everyone in your family, but not so hearty that you’ll be struggling to finish it. 7.

If your guests are coming from a more “sophisticated” dining group, consider incorporating some traditional dishes into your gumbo such as sautéed mushrooms and macaroni and cheese.


You can also add a few sausaged mackerel or shrimp for added colour.


You might be surprised at how many people will make you add more sugar and salt than is appropriate.


If this is your first time cooking with gumbo, you’ll want to make sure your guests know what to expect.


For a more traditional and “traditional”-style meal, try a light-grain bread or some of the classic gumbo dishes.


If serving gumbo for a traditional wedding, consider a side dish of your favourite fruit or vegetable, or a small handful of dried figs or prunes for the evening.


You may want to consider adding some fresh fruit and vegetables into the meal for a little extra sweetness.


A side dish that has a slight sweetness to it will work well for your guests.