The classic pho is made with meat, rice, vegetables and beans.

Here are the best pho recipes to enjoy in 2017.1.

Pho pho phoo (pictured above) pho recipe,google recipe,dish,phog recipe source Food Network title All About Pho: A Dine Out Guide to the Best Pho in the World article This dish is a classic of Vietnamese cuisine and features lots of spices.

To make this classic, boil the meat in water, add the onions, garlic, salt and pepper, and simmer until tender.2.

Pha pho (pictured below) pha pha recipe,food network recipe,baked bean pho,bean pho source ABC News title The Best Baked Bean Pho Recipe: This Pho with Salsa is Perfect for Your Next Big Date!

article Baked bean Pho makes a great dish to make on a special day when you want to show your love for Pho.

It can be a great appetizer for a quick dinner.

For a more elaborate version, try making a pho-stuffed burrito.3.

Phong pho – The Original Pho – Pho Phong recipe,myfox recipe,chicken pho chicken pho ,pork pho pork pho meat pho article The meat is removed from the chicken and used to cook the pork, which is then grilled and served with the bean and onions.

The pork is then wrapped in a lettuce leaf, tossed in a sauce and topped with chili peppers and cilantro.4.

Phang pho Phang Pho recipe from The Food Network,,pork,pig phoSource ABC News article Pho was introduced to the world by the Pho Cantonese people who settled in the Philippines from the 13th century.

Phoenicians brought the Phoenician-style noodles to Europe, where they were brought to America in the 19th century by the French.

Now the cuisine is considered the second-largest Asian cuisine, with more than 40 countries in Southeast Asia.

Pho is usually served with rice and noodles.

It is usually made with beef or pork.

Pork is also popular, but the Phong Pho dish is more commonly served with vegetables.

Beef is typically used for Phong.