In a post on Instagram, I asked my readers for their top five pumpkin recipes.

In the comments, a reader named Sarah wrote that she liked the pumpkin pie she had from a couple years ago, but that it wasn’t her favourite.

So, she decided to do a little research.

She searched for pumpkin recipes on Instagram and discovered a couple of recipes that were all the rage in the UK.

One recipe was called “pumpkins for a pie”.

Sarah decided to make it.

Here are her top five Pumpkin Recipes.


Pumpkin pie recipe This recipe calls for a medium-sized pumpkin (not a pumpkin pie) and a large egg, but I think the recipe should be easy enough for a beginner.


Sweet potato pie recipe Sweet potatoes are usually used for pies, and the sweet potatoes in this recipe are perfect for a pumpkin.


Black pudding recipe This is a popular recipe that I think is perfect for beginners.

It has a light but still sweet flavour and is good for children.


Pumpkin stew recipe If you are a bit more adventurous, try this pumpkin pie.

The stew is great for a holiday, or if you want to make a quick dessert for lunch.


Pumpkin cake recipe I know there is a pumpkin cake in the world but I would love to make this for myself.

This recipe has a nice nutty flavour and really needs a bit of time to come together.


Vanilla cake recipe This dessert is the perfect treat for a Valentine’s Day or Easter.

It’s really simple to make, but you could also use a pumpkin to create the frosting.


Pumpkin soup recipe If this recipe sounds like something you can’t make, it’s probably because it’s too hard to get right.

Try this recipe to get a flavour boost from your pumpkin.


Pumpkin salad recipe You can add a touch of sweetness to this salad, but it’s not a dessert recipe.


Pumpkin sausage recipe The bacon flavour is amazing in this dish.

If you’re a fan of savoury recipes, then try this one.


Pumpkin bread recipe I’m not a huge fan of breads that are too sticky.

So if you like the idea of using a pumpkin, try making this recipe instead.

What other pumpkin recipes should you try?

Pumpkin pie is one of my favourites because it is a really easy recipe and it tastes amazing.